Allt A’Mhullin 30-year-old (One of One)

Within our current bottlings we have an extremely rare bottle, number one of one, as the only one in existence.

This Allt A’Mhullin was labelled after it was discovered by Colin during his illness. It is very much a one of a kind, with only the cask number and age as well as the spirit being identified on the original label. To further enhance this very rare bottling, a bespoke wooden case in the shape of a cask was built to house the bottle. Speaking at the time, Colin wished that some of the proceeds from the sale of this bottle would go to Prostrate Cancer UK. This charity had meant a lot to him as his father-in-law had suffered with it and the Distillery had provided a stopover on the Round Britain Coastal drive with both Jaguar XK’s and E-Types raising considerable sums for the charity.


We hope to either Raffle or Auction the bottle in the near future, watch this space for further details.

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