Allt A'Mhullin 30 year old 1992 (Rosie's Cask)

by Roslin

Cask 2050 Distilled and Filled in 1992, bottled in 2022 as a 30 year old.



Finished in a Port Cask, the first 125 engraved and infilled decanters with sequential numbering are finished in this wonderful bespoke oak "barrel" box. Bottled at a cask strength of 44.9% ABV.

There were a total of 258 bottles realised from this cask with the remaining 133 packaged in a labelled Glencairn bottle in an exclusive Alder wood box.

The cask was purchased by my late Father and laid down in Mum's name. Sadly this was the third and therefore final of 3 casks purchased and laid down and as such this fantastic Single cask, Single Malt Scotch Whisky is offered in these two truly special packages.


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